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Riverside Jazz afl. 210

Riverside Jazz” wordt elke zaterdagavond uitgezonden via BR6, van 22:00 tot 00:00 uur. Tevens is deze, na de uitzending, hieronder terug te luisteren.

Deel 1: 22:00 – 23:00

Deel 2: 23:00 – 00:00

Riverside Jazz1) Horace Silver Quintet

Horace Silver: Piano
Blue Mitchell: Trompet
Junior Cook: Tenor-sax
Gene Taylor: Bass
Louis Hayes: Drums



a) “Come on Home” 5:27 (Horace Silver)
b) “You Happened My Way” 5:29 (Horace Silver)

LP: “Finger Poppin'”
Label: Blue-Note
Uitgebracht: april 1959
Opgenomen: 31 januari 1959
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey
Producer: Alfred Lion

Riverside Jazz2) Zoot Sims

Zoot Sims: Tenor-sax
Jimmy Rowles: Piano
George Mraz: Bass
Mousie Alexander: Drums



a) “Where Our Love Has Gone” 4:48 (Buddy Johnson – 1958)
“Gypsy Sweetheart” 4:11 (Mitchell Parish) 

LP: “If I’m Lucky”
Label: Pablo Records
Uitgebracht: 1978
Opgenomen: 27 & 28 oktober 1977
RCA Studios, New York City
Producer: Norman Granz

Riverside Jazz3) Champion Jack Dupree

Jack Dupree: Vocals & Piano
Ennis Lowery: Guitar
Wendel Marshall: Bass
Willie Jones: Drums
Pete Brown: Alto-sax*



a) “Can’t Kick the Habit” 3:38 (Jack Dupree)
b) “Junker’s Blues” 3:09 (Jack Dupree – 1940)*
c) “Goin’ Down Slow” 4:00 (James Burke Oden)

LP: “Blues from the Gutter”
Label: Atlantic Recording
Uitgebracht: 1958
Opgenomen: 4 februari 1958 N.Y.C.
Producer: Jerry Wexler

4) Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins: Tenor-sax
Ray Bryant: Piano
Kenny Burrell: Gitaar
Wendell Marshall: Bass
Osie Johnson: Drums



a) “Greensleeves” 3:10 (Traditional P.D. – 1597)
“Until the Real Thing Comes Along” 4:42 (Saul Chaplin – 1936)

LP: “Soul”
Label: Prestige Records
Uitgebracht: maart 1959
Opgenomen: 7 november 1958
Van Gelder Studio Hackensack, New Jersey
Producer: Esmond Edwards

Riverside Jazz5) Wynton Kelly

Wynton Kelly: Piano
Wes Montgomery: Gitaar
Paul Chambers: Bass
Jimmy Cobb: Drums



a) “Unit Seven” 6:44 (Sam Jones – 1962)
b) “Four on Six” 6:46 (Wes Montgomery)

LP: “Smokin’ at the Half Note”
Label: Verve Recording
Uitgebracht: 1965
Opgenomen: 22 september 1965
Van Gelder Studio Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Producer: Creed Taylor



Riverside Jazz6) Billie Holiday
    “Stay with Me”

Label: Verve Records
Uitgebracht: 1958
Opgenomen: 14 febr. 1955
Fine Sound Studio, N.Y.C.
Producer: Norman Granz



Billie Holiday (1915-1959) Zang
Tony Scott (1921-2007) Klarinet
Charlie Shavers (1920-1971) Trompet
Budd Johnson (1910-1984) Tenor-saxophone
Billy Taylor (1906-1986) Piano
Billy Bauer (1915-2005) Gitaar
Leonard Gaskin (1920-2009) Bass
Cozy Cole (1909-1981) Drums
Leroy Lovett (1919-2013) Arrangeur

a) “Say It Isn’t So” 2:96
—–(Irving Berlin – 1932)
b) “Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me” 4:58
—–(Duke Ellington – tekst: Bob Russell – 1940)
c) “Everything Happens to Me” 6:16
—-(Matt Dennis – tekst: Tom Adair – 1940)
d) “I Wished on the Moon” 6:47
—-(Ralph Rainger – tekst: Dorothy Parker – 1936)

Riverside Jazz7) Jimmy Raney

Jimmy Raney: Gitaar
Sven Coolson: Tenor-sax
(aka Stan Getz)
Hall Overton: Piano
Keith Mitchell: Bass
Frank Isola: Drums


a) “Motion” 5:20 (Jimmy Raney)
b) “Signal” 5:43 (Jimmy Raney)

E.P. “Jimmy Raney Plays Vol. 1”
Label: Metronome Sweden
Uitgebracht: november 1953
Opgenomen: 23 april 1953, N.Y.C.
Engineer: Rudy van Gelder

Riverside Jazz8) Kenny Burrell Quartet

Kenny Burrell: Gitaar
Richard Wyands: Piano
Martin Riviera: Bass
Oliver Jackson: Drums



a) “I’m Confessin'” 3:45 (Doc Dougherty – 1929)
b) “Isabella” 4:55 (Kenny Burrell)

LP: “The Tender Gender”
Label: Cadet Records
Uitgebracht: 1966
Opgenomen: april 1966
RCA Recording Studios, New York City
Producer: Esmond Edwards

Riverside Jazz

9) Eddie Boyd

Eddie Boyd: Zang & Piano
Buddy Guy: Gitaar
Jimmy Lee Robinson: Bass
Freddie Below: Drums



a) “All the Way” 3:30 (Eddie Boyd – 1959)
b) “Come on Home” 2:43 (Eddie Boyd – 1957)

LP: “Five Long Years”
Label: Fontana Records
Uitgebracht: 1966
Opgenomen: 21 oktober 1965
Wessex Sound Studios, London
Producer: Horst Lippmann

Riverside Jazz10) Bennie Green

Bennie Green: Trombone
Art Farmer: Trompet
Cliff Smalls: Piano
Addison Farmer: Bass
“Philly” Joe Jones: Drums



a) “Gone with the Wind” 6:22 (Elias Paul Wrubel-1937) 

LP: “Bennie Green with Art Farmer”
Label: Prestige Records
Uitgebracht: 1956
Opgenomen: 13 april 1956
Van Gelder Studio Hackensack, New Jersey
Producer: Bob Weinstock

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