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Elk weekend live te beluisteren op BR6 Radio of via deze site.

Riverside Jazz Afl. 222

Riverside Jazz” wordt elke zaterdagavond uitgezonden via BR6, van 22:00 tot 00:00 uur. Tevens is deze, na de uitzending, hieronder terug te luisteren.

Deel 1: 22:00 – 23:00

Deel 2: 23:00 – 00:00

1) Gigi Gryce Quintet

Gigi Gryce: Alto-sax
Richard Williams: Trumpet
Richard Wynands: Piano
Julian Euell: Bass
Mickey Roker: Drums



a) “Lover Man” 5:38 (Jimmy Davis – 1941)
b) “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” 7:40 (Rube Bloom – 1938)

LP: “The Hap’nin’s”
Label: New Jazz Recordings
Released: 1960
Recorded: May 3, 1960
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Producer: Esmond Edwards

Riverside Jazz2) Charlie Parker Quartet

Charlie Parker: Alto-sax
Al Haig: Piano
Percy Heath: Bass
Max Roach: Drums



a) “Now’s the Time” 3:04 (Charlie Parker – 1945)
b) “I Remember You” 3:07 (Victor Schertzinger – 1942)

LP: “Now’s the Time”
Label: Verve Records
Released: 1957
Recorded: July 28, 1953
Fulton Recording Studio, New York City
Producer: Norman Granz

Riverside Jazz3) Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters: Vocal – Guitar
Ernest Crawford: Bass
‘Little’ Walter Jacobs: Harmonica

Label: Chess Records
Recorded: January 23, 1951
Locatie: Chicago


a) “Long Distance Call” 2:41 (McKinley Morganfield)
b) “Too Young to Know” 3:13 (McKinley Morganfield)

Riverside Jazz4) Paul Desmond

Paul Desmond: Alto-sax
Jim Hall: Guitar
Percy Heath: Bass
Conny Kay: Drums



a) “For All We Know” 5:32 (J.Fred Coots – 1934)
b) “East of the Sun” 5:44 (Brooks Bowman – 1936)

LP: “First Place Again”
Label: Warner Bros.
Released: 1959
Recorded: September 5-7, 1959
Locatie: New York City
Producer: Bob Prince

Riverside Jazz5) Chet Baker

Chet Baker: Trumpet
Glauco Maseti: Alto-sax
Gianni Basso: Tenor-sax
Renato Sellano: Piano
Franco Cerri: Bass
Gene Victory: Drums


a) “Lady Bird” 4; 49 (Tadd Dameron – 1939)
b) “Cheryl Blues” 5:03 (Charlie Parker – 1947)

LP: “Chet Baker in Milan”
Label: Jazzland Records
Released: 1959
Recorded: September 25- 26, 1959
Gurtler Studio, Milan, Italy
Producer: Bill Grauer

Riverside Jazz6) Johnny Hartman

Johnny Hartman: Vocal
Illinois Jacquet: Tenor-sax
Hank Jones: Piano
Kenny Burrell: Guitar
Milt Hinton: Bass
Elvin Jones: Drums


a) “Don’t You Know I Care” 4:14 (Duke Ellington – Mack David)

LP: “I Just Dropped by to Say Hello”
Label: Impulse Records
Released: 1964
Recorded: October 9-17, 1963
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Producer: Bob Thiele



Riverside Jazz7) Johnny Hodges
—-and his Orchestra
—-“Castle Rock”

Label: Norgran Rec.
Released: 1955
Recorded: 1951
Locatie: New York City
Producer: Norman Granz



a) “Castle Rock” 2:48 (Al Sears)
b) “The Jeep is Jumpin'”2:45 (Duke Ellington – Johnny Hodges)
c) “A Gentle Breeze” 3:11 (Al Sears)
d) “Globe Trotter” 3:00 (Johnny Hodges) *
e) “Jeep’s Blues” 2:55 (Duke Ellington – Johnny Hodges)
f) “Blue Fantasia” 3:09 (Johnny Hodges) **

Johnny Hodges (1907-1970) Alto saxophone
Al Sears (1910-1990) Tenor saxophone
Emmett Berry (1915-1993) Trumpet
Nelson Williams (1917-1973) Trumpet **
Lawrence Brown (1907-1988) Trombone
Leroy Lovett (1919-2013) Piano
Billy Strayhorn (1915-1967) Piano *
Lloyd Trotman (1923-2007) Bas
Al McKibbon (1919-2005) Bas **
Sonny Greer (1895-1982) Drums

Riverside Jazz8) Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters: Vocal – Guitar
Ernest Crawford: Bass
‘Little’ Walter Jacobs:
Harmonica & Guitar

Label: Chess Records
Recorded: January 23, 1951
Locatie: Chicago

a) “Honey Bee” 3:18 (McKinley Morganfield)
b) “Howling Wolf” 2:40 (McKinley Morganfield)

c) “Rollin’ Stone” 3:05 (Mc Kinley Morganfield
—–Recorded: Chicago, February, 1950

Riverside Jazz9) Booker Ervin

Booker Ervin: Tenor-sax
Horace Parlan: Piano
George Tucker: Bass
Al Harewood: Drums



a) “Uranus” 4:25(Booker Ervin)
b) “Boo” 4:26 (Booker Ervin)

LP: “That’s It”
Label: Candid Records
Released: 1961
Recorded: January 6, 1961
Locatie: Nola Penthouse
Sound Studio New York City
Producer: Nat Hentoff

Riverside Jazz10) Hal McKusick

Hal McKusick: Alto-sax
Barry Galbraith: Guitar
Milt Hinton: Bass
Osie Johnson: Drums



a) “Minors Matters” 4:16 (Manny Albam)
b) “Give ‘En Hall” 3:41 (Manny Albam)

LP: “East Coast Jazz Series No. 8”
Label: London Records
Released: 1955
Recorded: February 17, 1955
Locatie: New York City
Producer: Creed Taylor

Riverside Jazz11) Paul Quinichette
——and his Orchestra

Paul Quinichette: Tenor-sax
Jimmy Golden: Piano
Skeeter Best: Guitar
Jimmy Richardson: Bass
Les Erskine: Drums



a) ‘Humpty Dumpty” 3:15 (Paul Quinichette)
b) “I Remember Harlerm” 3:02 (Roy Eldridge)

LP: “Blow Your Horn” (side 2: paul quinichette)
Label: Brunswick Records
Released: 1956
Recorded: Onbekend
Producer: Onbekend

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