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Riverside Jazz 200

Riverside Jazz” wordt elke zaterdagavond uitgezonden via BR6, van 22:00 tot 00:00 uur. Tevens is deze, na de uitzending, hieronder terug te luisteren.

Deel 1: 22:00 – 23:00


Deel 2: 23:00 – 00:00

Riverside Jazz1) Gigi Gryce

“Strange Feelin'”

LP: The Rat Race Blues
New Jazz Records (1960)
Componist: Sam Finch
Tijd: 7:40


Gigi Gryce: Alto-saxophone
Richard Williams: Trumpet
Richard Wyands: Piano
Julian Euell: Bass
Mickey Roker: Drums

Riverside Jazz2) Mose Allison

“Cabin in the Sky”

LP: Creek Bank
Prestige Records (1958)
Componist: Vernon Duke
Tijd: 4:04


Mose Allison: piano
Addison Farmer: Bass
Ronnie Free: Drums

Riverside Jazz3) Wayne Shorter (1933)

“Infant Eyes”

LP: Speak No Evil
Blue-Note (1966)
Componist: Wayne Shorter
Tijd: 6:46



Wayne Shorter: Tenor-saxophone
Herbie Hancock: Piano
Ron Carter: Bass
Elvin Jones: Drums

Riverside Jazz

Booker T. Washington White

4) Bukka White

“Parchman Farm Blues”

Single: Okeh Records
Opgenomen: maart 1940 Chicago.
Componist: Booker T. Washington White
Tijd: 2:46



Bukka White: Guitar & Vocals
Robert Brown aka Wasboard Sam: Washboard

Riverside Jazz5) Don Thompson (1940)

“My One and Only Love”

LP: Beautiful Friendship
Concord Jazz Records (1984)
Componist: Guy Wood
Tijd: 6:26



Don Thompson: Bass
John Abercrombie: Guitar
Dave Holland: Bass
Michael Smith: Drums

Riverside Jazz6) Dave Bailey Quintet
         (1926 – ????)

“Our Miss Brooks”

LP: Reaching Out
Jazztime Records (1961)
Componist: Harold Vick
Tijd: 6:45



Dave Bailey: Drums
Frank Haynes: Tenor-saxophone
Grant Green: Guitar
Billy Gardner: Piano
Ben Tucker: Bass

Riverside Jazz7) Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Raney

“Dead Heat”

LP: 2 Guitars
Prestige Records (1957)
Componist:Mal Waldron
Tijd: 4:04



Kenny Burrell: Guitar
Jimmy Raney: Guitar
Donald Byrd: Trumpet
Jackie McLean: Alto-saxophone
Mal Waldrom: Piano
Doug Watkins: Bass
Art Taylor: Drums

Riverside Jazz8) Bukka White

“The Panama Limited”

Single: Victor Records
Opgenomen: Mei 1930 Chicago
Componist: Booker T. Washington White
Tijd: 3:10



Bukka White: Guitar & Vocals
Napoleon Hairiston: 2e Guitar

Riverside Jazz

9) Cannonball Adderley

“Serves Me Righ”

LP: Things Are Getting Better
Riverside Records (1958)
Componist: Buddy Johnson
Tijd: 4:40



Cannonball Adderley: Alto-saxophone
Milt Jackson: Vibraphone
Wynton Kelly: Bass
Percy Heath: Bass
Art Blakey: Drums

Riverside Jazz10) Paul Desmond

“Stranger in Town”

LP: Glad to Be Unhappy
RCA-Victor (1965)
Componist: Mel Thormé
Tijd: 6:19



Paul Desmond: Alto-saxophone
Jim Hall: Guitar
Eugene Wright: Bass
Connie Kay: Drums



Riverside Jazz

Nina Simone
‘Sings the Blues’

Label: RCA-Victor
Recorded: oktober 1967
Studio: RCA-Victor’s Studio B, New York City
Released: 1967
Producer: Danny Davis



Nina Simone (1933-2003) Piano & Vocals
Eric Gale (1938-1994) Guitar
Rudy Stevenson (1929-2010) Guitar
Ernie Hayes (1935-2012) Organ
Bob Bushnell (1926-???) Bass
Bernard Purdie (1939) Drums
Buddy Lucas (1914-1983) Harmonica & Tenor-sax*

11) Do I Move You 2:42 (Nina Simone)
12) In the Dark 2:52 (Lil Green)
13) My Man’s Gone Now 4:09 (G. Gershwin – DuBose Heyward)
14) I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl 2:28 (Langston Hughes) *
15) Since I Fell for You 2:47 (Buddy Johnson)
16) Blues for Mama 3:52 (Abbey Lincoln)

Riverside Jazz17) Réne Thomas

“Green Street Scene”

LP: Guitar Groove
Jazzland Records (1960)
Componist: J.R. Montrose
Tijd: 7:33



Réne Thomas: Guitar
J.R.Montrose: Tenor-saxophone
Hod O’Brien: Piano
Teddy Kotick: Bass
Albert Heath: Drums

18) Dave Brubeck Quartet

“Blue Shadows in the Street”

LP: Time Further Out
Columbia Records (1961)
Componist: Dave Brubeck
Tijd: 6:26


Dave Brubeck: Piano
Paul Desmond: Alto-saxophone
Eugene Wright: Bass
Joe Morello: Drums

Riverside Jazz19) Bukka White

“Strange Place Blues”

Single: Vocalion Records
Opgenomen: maart 1940 Chicago
Componist: Booker T. Washington White
Tijd: 2:38



Bukka White: Guitar & Vocals
Robert Brown aka Wasboard Sam: Washboard

Riverside Jazz20) Jimmy Forrest

“Rocks in My Bed”

LP: Sit Down and Relax with……
Prestige Records (1961)
Componist: Duke Ellington
Tijd: 7:03



Jimmy Forrest: Tenor-saxophone
Hugh Lawson: Piano
Calvin Newborn: Guitar
Tommy Porter: Bass
Clarence Johnston: Drums

Riverside Jazz21) Grant Green


LP: Idle Moments
Blue-Note (1963)
Componist: John Lewis
Tijd: 8:42



Grant Green: Guitar
Joe Henderson: Tenor-saxophone
Bobby Hutcherson: Vibraphone
Duke Pearson: Piano
Bob Cranshaw: Bass
Al Harewood: Drums

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